The Wildcard Whisky Club is aimed at the more adventurous whisky drinker. The whiskies will change each month, and can even be different within the same month, such is the scarcity of some of the whiskies we include. This means if both you and your neighbour sign up, you may receive different whiskies from each other. We focus on independent bottlers, single casks, rare, unusual and everything in between. Your first box will include a free tasting glass and water dropper. Each box will include one of each style of whisky listed below, along with information about each whisky;


50ml Light & Sweet

50ml Sherry Bomb

50ml Peated

50ml Unusual

50ml Wildcard


Examples are meant as indication of the types and styles of whisky you can expect, not a guarantee that you will receive those specific whiskies.



You will receive your first box as soon as possible after ordering. Subsequent boxes will be charged and shipped each month on or around the same date as your first order, arriving shortly afterwards. You will be automatically charged for subsequent boxes, until you tell us stop. To unsubscribe, simply email us info@dramdrop.co.uk with your details and we will cancel your subscription - no questions asked. 



3 and 6 month subscriptions will not automatically renew. The first box will be shipped as soon as possible after ordering, with subsequent boxes shipped each month on or around the same date as the first box.


By purchasing you agree to the above conditions.


Wildcard Whisky Club